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Resort Review: TRS Coral in Costa Mujeres, Mexico

Our guest writer Kara visits Costa Mujeres for a relaxing getaway at the TRS Coral Hotel.

Covered chair on the pool at TRS Coral Costa Mujeres
Kara Adamo |

Last month, I stepped off of a relatively short flight and into the warmth of a late-summer Mexican sun. Ready for a long-weekend with a girlfriend of mine, I had reservations at the famously luxurious TRS Coral Hotel.

From the airport, we caught a ride from Cancun to Costa Mujeres. The driver drove us down a winding road that splits at the end, giving way to curved driveways. The drive on the left leads you to a family-friendly resort: The Grand Palladium. The one on the right guides you through a vision in modern-Mexican architecture: the luxuriously tranquil TRS Coral, an all-inclusive, adults-only paradise nestled at the far end of a relatively quiet portion of Costa Mujeres.

We pulled up to the hotel and friendly porters opened the car doors. They took our luggage before we even entered the hotel and replaced it with freshly squeezed mango margaritas, which we sipped happily as they checked us in.

Entrance at TRS Coral hotel in Costa Mujeres, Mexico

We were given wristbands, which gave us access to everything TRS–along with The Grand Palladium (a sister resort, it turns out)–had to offer. Activity coordinators stood by to show us various resort amenities, including the Zentropia spa, optional excursions, and information about all of the restaurants on property, including the Chic Cabaret Night, located in “The Village” area of The Grand Palladium. 

Once we were squared away, we were free to explore the grounds.

We found a tiki bar down by the beach where, instead of sitting on bar stools, you can sway on swings. There are also a few more swings randomly dotting the beachline itself, which makes for cool pictures. I recommend the frozen kiwi drink. It’s unique and refreshing and tropical–and definitely not something you’ll find in many other places.

Back on property, we spotted countless iguanas that roam around like reptilian squirrels…every bit as unafraid of people and just as common. I named them all.

An iguana on property at the TRS Coral hotel in Costa Mujeres, Mexico

Slate paths lead down toward an almost zero-entry pool area complete with floating cabanas and a swim-up bar. A number of the surrounding rooms on the ground floor are equipped with private swim-up terraces and hanging egg chairs. Newlyweds and couples celebrating anniversaries clinked glasses just steps from their bedrooms, taking in the salty air from the Gulf of Mexico and relaxing together in the sunshine.

While I waited for the room to be ready, I took the opportunity to book a 5-course dinner show for that night and made a mental note to make sure and check out “Gravity Bar,” the rooftop bar on-property.

Next, we were driven to our suite on the other side of the property. Walking in, we were introduced to our two butlers (I’m not kidding…we had butlers) and given a tour of the place, which came with a large jet tub, a complimentary bottle of tequila, and a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico off of our rather large private terrace.

That night, we sang along as the cabaret performers sang familiar songs, as well as traditional Mexican favorites. The powerful voices and colorful, energetic performances were a fantastic way to kick off a long weekend in Costa Mujeres. I highly recommend starting with that.

Singer in traditional Mexican dress performs at the TRS Coral cabaret show in Costa Mujeres

The venue was located at the Grand Palladium, so it was a quick golf cart ride over, although in nice weather you can also catch a boat ride along the canals that run between the two resorts. There’s something vaguely Venetian about those canals, and I thought it was a nice touch.

If you want to go to Cancun, you can catch one of the buses early in the morning. Otherwise, it’s a $70 cab ride. We chose to stay on-property most of the time, though, as the resort comes packed with things to do. 

The gigantic pool is lined with luxurious cabanas, all of which overlook the most impressive swim-up bar I’ve seen yet. Next to the swim-up bar is a stage where DJs mix live while a musician rocks out with a fiddle, of all things. It felt like a poolside concert where everyone was either dancing, drinking, lounging, or both.

On the pool deck, they also have complimentary salsa dancing classes AND salsa MAKING classes. I learned how to make three different types of salsa and what each is used for. I look forward to making them at home.

Pool deck at TRS Coral in Costa Mujeres

One thing I definitely liked about TRS was that, since you’re still a part of the Palladium Group, you have access to the adjoining resort. TRS is adults-only and it’s the higher-end of the two, so the access doesn’t go both ways, but it could come in handy for people wanting to plan a wedding that caters to both guests who want an adults-only experience as well as guests that want to bring their kids. 

There are two ATM machines at TRS, but it should be noted that transaction fees do apply. The shops all take credit cards, though there are transaction fees for that, too, and sometimes it takes a while for the cashier to charge your card because of the internet speeds. I recommend stopping by your local bank before you leave and taking cash out ahead of time. It’ll save you time and money to do it that way, and they do accept USD. That goes for tips, as well.

When you’re on a bus headed to either Cancun, the airport, or one of the many excursions in the area, they almost always offer internet but it IS a little spotty. Pro tip: put your phone on airplane mode as you drive by all of the hotels because your phone will constantly search for a WiFi signal and that will drain your battery quickly.

Interior of poolside cabana with white lattice walls at TRS Coral in Costa Mujeres, Mexico

I visited Costa Mujeres in the beginning of September. It rained off and on, and there were several thunderstorms, though they were beautiful to watch from the terrace. I will say that the beach had a decent amount of seaweed, so keep that in mind when it comes to your wedding dress and photos. 

The staff is very professional and welcoming, though, and the amenities were truly top-notch. The Gravity Bar offered nearly 360-degree views of the coastline and the breeze up there was lovely.  From the look of the hotel’s design, just about everyone probably has a view of the beach. I spent every morning sipping espresso and eating fresh papaya from room service in my bathrobe and slippers while I watched the waves crash in.

I definitely recommend TRS for people who want a nice, relaxing vacation–or if you want to party out by the pool and listen to live music while you eat sushi or tacos. Everything you could want is at your fingertips and the private swim-up pools offer a romantic setting for a jet-setting couple looking to get away from it all.

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