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Meet Gaby


The Destination Wedding Whisperer

I founded Destination Brides after working with a travel agency to design my own destination wedding. I was so excited to wed my fiancé (and now business partner!) Josh in a picture-perfect paradise, as we shared the most important day of our lives with our loved ones.

Let’s just say things did not go according to plan.

After a decade of planning travel for a billion-dollar company, I thought I knew what to expect from a professional travel designer. My travel agent should have taken all the stress off my shoulders. She should have gotten to know me, researched the options that would appeal to my personality, and handled all of my guests’ travel needs with a smile.

Instead… I was left coming home after work and researching resorts myself until 2 am, until I slipped into bed exhausted. I was fielding calls from my guests telling me the travel agent was totally blowing them off. I was so stressed during what was supposed to be the happiest time of my life.

CEO of Destination Brides, Gaby Guicciardi, with her partner and President of Destination Brides, Josh

I knew there had to be a better way- and that way is Destination Brides.

The truth is, the romance travel industry suffers from a service problem. So many agencies churn through clients, treating them like just another number. They recommend the same handful of resorts to everyone. They treat your destination wedding like a commodity, not like the singular experience it is.

Not us. Service is where Destination Brides shines.


We are deeply dedicated to giving you the attention and care you deserve- from the very first moment you reach out.

We’re not just travel planners; we’re your partners, consultants, concierge, and advocates. We have industry connections across the globe, have personally visited nearly every Caribbean island, and speak four different languages between us.

In short: our expertise and relationships open doors for you that make the impossible possible. And our deep commitment to service means it all unfold effortlessly for you, as we anticipate your needs and go beyond to make the impossible happen.

I never want a bride to go through what I did.

With Destination Brides by your side, you won’t. Whether you’re seeking a dream destination wedding spent with your loved ones or an ultra-romantic honeymoon to remember, I invite you to trust your travels to us.


Ready to bring your dream destination wedding to life?

White floral beach destination wedding ceremony